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Let yourself be pampered in complete relaxation


At the Piaggione di Serravalle you will find the Loggia, a small paradise of well-being. Born from the predilection of the family for aestheticism, health and body care, the Loggia, with its large windows preserves the most precious secrets for complete physical and mental relaxation. You can abandon yourself to the mellow hot water jets up to 37 ° of the internal hot tub. Or let yourself be enveloped by the therapeutic heat of the infrared rays of the sauna, placed next to it, until you reach the adjustable temperatures of 65 ° C. Between sessions, you can relax on comfortable ergonomic loungers, under the silent gaze of marvelous orchids and other tropical plants. Going down the stone steps, the panoramic loggia leads to the hammam area, inspired by the oldest spa traditions of the Etruscans and Romans: a room dedicated to the art of massage, and a comfortable shower frame the sparkling mosaics of the Turkish Bath, the most precious jewel of the Loggia. The steam bath assisted by chromotherapy and aromatherapy as well as being beneficial for the skin and the respiratory tract contributes to the correct relaxation of the mind as well as of the body.

La Loggia del Piaggione has a very special feature: it is a complete wellness area granted by reservation so you can have it exclusively used to enjoy it in total privacy, with your friends or family.

You can take advantage of the treatments you prefer:

Hot tub with internal whirlpool 36/37 ° :. Being inside the panoramic loggia is always available even when it is cool outside: you are immersed in nature but protected by large panoramic windows can be used comfortably by 4 people, even at night.

Infrared sauna: beneficial for your body but without the contraindications of the traditional sauna: the temperature of use ranges from 45 to 60 ° everyone can use it.

Turkish Bath: the Turkish bath, is a steam bath at 35-38 °. The environment is all in mosaic, is equipped with all the comforts, a small fountain to cool your wrists and face and the shower to cool the lower limbs, the chromotherapeutic light: the skin and the respiratory tract will benefit greatly, after the session of about 10mn you can take a lukewarm shower and repeat the session. After or during the treatments you can relax under the Loggia or in the small external garden reserved for the Wellness from which you can comfortably reach the outdoor swimming pools area.


in the wellness area there is a cozy massage room that will encourage complete relaxation: we collaborate with: upon reservation, a specialist will be at your disposal to offer you a massage: ayurveda, relaxation, reflexology etc. Report or book before your arrival if you want to take advantage of these treatments, it will be easier for you to be satisfied.

32 ° / 34 ° heated outdoor pool with water jets: sunbed, vertical shower head and horizontal massage jets.

This is an endowment of which we are truly proud: the stone bath set in a charming rock garden was custom-designed and this allowed us to structure it better and equip it with professional jets: it is completely different from prefabricated tanks: inside you are also standing for the fantastic massage geiser: a very strong jet that starts from the floor that reactivates the circulation perfectly, or you lie on the bed for a lighter massage. The side jets at various heights allow you to massage specific areas of the body.

It can also be used at night with a beautiful chromotherapy effect. The water inside the tank is 1.40 high.

Wellness at the Piaggione


Shiatsu massage:
born from ancient Chinese medical and philosophical traditions. Free energy, fatigue and stimulate the body’s self-healing abilities. It improves the psychophysical state of health and is an effective method of relaxation.
Relax Massage:
Relaxing, carried out with the aid of essential oils, this massage frees you from stress and invigorates a renewed elasticity and softness to the skin.
Ayurvedic massage:
Energizing, it restores a charge of energy to the whole body, removes muscular tensions, stimulating the body and the mind.

Collaboration with the Ayurvedic center:

A massage has a duration of 60 minutes. Price 65€



WARNING: the use of the wellness area and the heated outdoor pool is reserved for adults only for reasons of safety and hygiene.

For the use of this tub you will receive a few tokens at the beginning of the stay: 1 token allows the use of the bath up to 4/5 people at the same time for 20 mn.

It is possible to buy an additional token for € 5.00

Children under 12 are allowed only in the company of their parents.

Reservation of the wellness area:

To offer our guests total privacy and maximum comfort, the wellness area can be booked exclusively with the following options:

In the hours reserved for you you will have at your disposal the entire Wellness area and you can use the infrared sauna, the Jacuzzi and the Turkish bath: you will have a shower to cool off, chairs and deckchairs for the necessary relaxation between a treatment and the other.

Complete wellness program € 50.00 per person, duration 2h, including bathrobe and slippers.

Complete wellness program for 2 persons lasting 2h30: € 40.00 per person

Complete wellness program for 3 persons lasting 2h30: € 30.00 per person

Complete wellness program for 4 people, duration 3 hours € 25.00 per person

If you only want a whirlpool session with relaxation under the loggia:

1 session of hydromassage and relaxation under the loggia 1h30 for two people. € 40.00

1 hydromassage and relaxation session under the 2h loggia for 4/6 people € 60.00

There is a special price for packages of 3 routes.

La Nostra con   Wellness

The guests of the “NOSTRA” have the advantage of being able to access the wellness area directly from home and can choose two interesting offers:

Simple package € 300: 3 wellness programs with a maximum duration of 3 hours to be chosen in the following time slots: (9/13, 14/18, 18/22)

Or a “full time” package that allows the use of the wellness area for the whole week that allows unlimited use of sauna and jacuzzi. The Turkish bath is included but must be booked approximately 2 hours in advance

Full time package € 500: wellness area available for 12 time slots without having to reserve the opening – Jacuzzi, Sauna and 3 sessions of hamman included.

This solution is particularly convenient because you will have great freedom in using the wellness area: 12 time slots of use and even night access to the hot tub and sauna.

(Six time slots during the week are reserved for massages and other guests: Tuesday and Thursday from 9 to 18 and Monday and Wednesday from 18 to 22.

The booking of simple or full time packages entitles you to have a comfortable bathrobe, slippers and two extra towels that will be replaced every week.


In the wellness area it is mandatory to use slippers that will be provided upon your arrival or when booking treatments. Please reserve these slippers for the wellness area only!

We remind you to use the hut tubs and the pool with clean skin from sun oils or creams!

It is not recommended to walk barefoot: we are in the country … and then the water in the pool gets uselessly dirty!


the children are our most welcome guests: they will be happy to meet the numerous guests of our farm: goats, ducks, hens and even pigs! They can play bowls, table tennis, table football, and take advantage of our toys, if they are older, they can also ride horses in the stables very close to Piaggione.

They can of course also play the pool but only under the supervision of parents and respecting the tranquility of the other guests. : CAUTION it is appropriate to explain to children that the water in the pool is not like that of the sea: it should not be splashed out: it contains chlorine and therefore should not be sprayed on plants that could die.

We also remind you that the outdoor pool with whirlpools is closed to them for reasons of hygiene and safety.

You can not leave children unattended in the structure: if you have this need please let us know, we can give you our help we have the babysitter.